January 2022 – Our 3 days hands-on hackathon challenge was a great success! Day 1: EEG & MEG data acquisition; Day 2: Evoked data analysis; Day 3: Time-frequency data analysis. From Left to Right (bottom): Raphaël, Sophie, Yvan, Matthew, Yunyun, Harish

May 13th 2022 – Wildtimes project meets Barbara Tversky. From Left to Right: Elise Grison (SNCF), Yvan Nédélec, Valérie Gyselinck (IFSTTAR), Barbara Tversky, Simone Morgagni (SNCF), Anna Martin (IFSTTAR), Bastien Perroy (Inst. Nicod), Simon Lhuillier (IFSTTAR), Virginie vW, Marianna Lamprou-Kokolaki, Anna Wagelmans, Y, X, Archana Prabhakar (SNCF)
Déconfinés 2021

ca 2020.10 [Left to Right]: Yvan, Virginie, Anna, Elisa, William, Cyril, Aurélien, Marianna, Valentine, Harish, Alexandru, Sophie
ca 2020.10 [Left to Right]: Marianna, Aurélien, Sophie, Virginie, Alexandru, Anna, William, Cyril, Yvan, Elisa, Harish, Valentine

April 2020

Cognition & Brain Dynamics & co – Hackathon #1 2019


“Snapshot of the Brain Dynamics group – October 2017”  by Laetitia Grabot

“No spatial representation of the boss, but a temporal one, hidden in the fluctuations of the MEG signals captured by each single team member – maybe the only representation that matters? 

With the participation of Leila Azizi, Benoît Martin, Sophie Herbst, Tadeusz Kononowicz, Laetitia Grabot, and Renan Recio (up left to down right). “

Now on display at NeuroSpin, thanks Vanna Santoro!

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