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• Researchers •


Virginie VAN WASSENHOVE, PhD, Habil • PI • received her PhD in Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences (NACS 2004) at the University of Maryland, College Park under the direction of Prof Poeppel and Prof Grant. During her graduate training, she focused on the perception (psychophysics) and cortical bases (MEEG, fMRI) of audiovisual speech as a specific case of multisensory integration and predictive coding.  In 2005, she worked with Prof Nagarajan (UCSF) on learning and plasticity in audition and in audiovisual perception with combined psychophysics and MEG.  From 2006 to 2008, she was implicated in various projects at UCLA (Prof ShamsProf Buonomano) and at Caltech (Prof Shimojo) which included implicit multisensory statistical learning, time perception, gesture communication, and interpersonal interactions. Late 2008, she joined the Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit directed by Prof Dehaene to build NeuroSpin MEG. In 2012, she became an INSERM group leader of the Brain Dynamics research team. In 2013, she obtained her HDR (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches; highest degree achievable in France) and became CEA Director of Research (DR). Her research interests focus on temporal cognition and multisensory integration.

[Vita] [PhD thesis ’04] [HDR thesis’13]  [NeuroTree] [GoogleScholar] [ResearchGate]


Sophie HERBST, PhD • I am interested in how we process and perceive time, and which are the cognitive and neural mechanisms allowing us to do so. We are able to extract temporal regularities from the environment and prepare future actions, for example when we want to cross a street and wait for the traffic light to turn green. We are also able to overtly estimate temporal intervals, but quite often subjective and objective time diverge. In my current project I investigate whether the mechanisms underlying temporal predictions and overt estimates of time do have a common ground using psychophysical methods and neuroimaging (M/EEG). 

•  Postdoctoral Fellows •

Ttadeusz_sfn2015adeusz KONONOWICZ, PhD • I investigate time estimation processes and self-monitoring of time estimation in the human brain utilizing a combination of EEG, MEG techniques, pattern recognition and cognitive modeling approaches. Unlike earlier studies emphasizing the accumulation processes in time estimation, my current work suggests that the sense of time relies on detection of specific patterns in brain activation and that beta oscillations play a great role in estimating time and in self-monitoring of estimated time.

•  Engineer •


Leila AZIZI, PhD Care for the MEG system (hardware/electronics); help with experimental design and implementation of new hardware; assistance for data acquisition.

• Visiting & Affiliated PhD Students •


Ignacio POLTI, MSc  • Ignacio is now a PhD student who continues studying timing & uncertainty from here


Sloane Paulcan, MSc • I am a PhD student at the Paris-Saclay Institute of Neuroscience (NeuroPSI) where I investigate the neuronal basis of temporal order judgement in rats, under the direction of Valérie Doyère and the co-direction of Virginie Van Wassenhove, (funding: ANR AutoTime). My purpose is to investigate the neuronal mechanisms and the brain structures involved in the processing of temporal order of audio-visual stimuli. I am interested in the cognitive mechanisms underlying basic brain functioning and the translation to adaptive behavior. Moreover, a part of my study investigates the temporal order judgment in a schizophrenic model, adding a pathological aspect to this very fundamental topic.

image2Pooja PRABHU, MSc •  I have pursued a Bachelor in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Visvesvarya Technological University, India (2013) and a Master in Biomedical Engineering from Manipal University, India(2015). I have been worked in the projects like analysing and classifying the normal and neurodegenerative disordered gait signals, and segmenting and clustering of a brain tumour in MRI imaging. Currently, I am pursuing PhD from Manipal University and the work aims at helping the neurosurgeons to locate the epileptogenic zone while surgery. The epileptogenic zone is located by performing MEG-MRI Registration.

elie_picklElie RASSI, MSc • I’m a PhD student at the University of Salzburg, where I investigate how fluctuations in brain states influence conscious perception. I am specifically interested in the effects of the alpha rhythm on visual perception and attention, mainly using MEG. I received my BA in psychology from the American University of Beirut (2013) and MSc in cognitive neuroscience from the University of Trento (2015).


Renan SCHIAVOLIN RECIO  •  I am Bachelor in Science & Tecnology at Universidade Federal do ABC (2011), Bachelor in Computer Science at Universidade Federal do ABC (2012) and Master in Neuroscience and Cognition at Universidade Federal do ABC (2014). Currently I am a PhD student in Neuroscience and Cognition at the same university. I have an interest in working with Computational Neuroscience (Modeling hippocampal areas), EEG analyses (EP, phase, power, correlations and causality), psychophysical experiments, especially with audio-visual perception and recalibration.

• Master Students •

Paul BERTON (MII, ENS Cogmaster) 


Valentine MANDIN (MI, Lyon) 


Izem MANGIONE (Univ. Bordeaux) • I am currently in my second year of the Master’s and I will do my internship on the comprehension of how time is represented in working memory.

• Alumni •


Postdoctoral Scholars

Research Engineers

  • Marco Buiatti (2010-14) now EEG Lab @ University of Trento, Italy
  • Etienne Labyt (2008-2010) now MEG lab @ CEA-Leti, Clinatech, Grenoble, France

Master Students

  • Camille Lakhlifi (2017-18, MII ENS Cogmaster) on her way to link academic research and policy makers.
  • Ava Kiai (2017-18, MII ENS Cogmaster), now with Lucia Melloni
  • Alexandre Nauleau (summer intern; ENS Paris-Saclay), now with Alexandre Pouget
  • Rohit Yadav (summer intern; Machine learning & Data mining, University of Jean Monnet/ University of Lyon)
  • Jacques Pesnot-Lerousseau (2016-17, ENS Cogmaster, année césure), now PhD w/ Daniele Schön at Institut des Neurosciences, Université Aix Marseille.
  • Pauline Demory (2017), now MII Cogmaster student
  • Ignacio Polti (2014-16, ENS Cogmaster), now PhD student w/ Christian Doeller at Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience (NTNU)
  • Karin Petske (2014-15, RA)
  • Hafeza Tajuddin (2015, MII BME Paris)
  • Yousra Bekhti (2013, MII) now PhD student w/ Alexandre Gramfort, Télécom ParisTech
  • Milton Augusto Vendramini de Avila (2013, MI UCL-ENS) now PhD in the Neuroscience and Behavior program, Univ of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Lucille Lecoutre (2013, MII ENS, Paris) now Consulting Engineer in Human Factors, Bordeaux
  • Agnès Falco (2013, MI ENS) now PhD student at Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès, France.
  • Luca Iemi (2013, MII UCL-ENS, London-Paris) now PhD at Charité Univ Médecine w/ Niko Busch
  • Salim Kebache (2011, visiting MI ENS Paris)
  • Marianne Duyck (2011, visiting MII ENS Paris) now PhD at LPP, Paris.
  • Lukasz Grzeczkowski (2011. MII ENS) PhD at EFLP w/ Michael Herzog
  • Anna Lambrechts (2010, MII ENS-UCL) PhD at City University London w/ Kielan Yarrow
  • Brice Martin (2009-2010) Master . MD-PhD psychiatry


  • Diana Omigie (2012, visiting PhD) now Max-Planck Inst, Frankfurt, Germany