Time Social Distancing – EN


You are interested in participative science and wish to contribute?


The study can only be realized on a computer to ensure proper timing and parametrization of our tasks. You cannot use your phone or tablet. If possible, avoid using Safari as a browser.

Please, avoid using the SAFARI browser, which causes numerous technical issues.

Thank you for your comprehension!

How long will this study take?

It will be conducted over a period of about 3-6 months. At several time points we will ask you to take part in a session. You are free to decide when, and with how many breaks, you will fill out the questionnaires and follow the tasks.

  • The first session “confinement” will take place during lockdown
  • The second session “+10 days” after lockdown
  • The third session “+3 months” or 90 days after the second session

A reminder email will be sent to you between each session if you have provided your email.

Should I test myself all at once? No!

Pace yourself! For instance, you can answer questionnaires or take tests for about 15 min in the morning, close the session, and pursue two hours later for a 5 min test, then close the session again, and come back 30 minutes later, etc…

The very first round of questionnaires is the longest of the whole study (about ten questionnaires). Then, 3 experimental test rounds will be proposed. Within a test round, you can spread the tests at your own pace.

One important constraint is that you should not stop in the middle of a task as those data will be uninformative for us. Additionally, when you would log on to the site again, the task will start exactly where you stop with no instructions which will be puzzling for you.

When you wish to stop the tests for a while, ensure you are done with the task you were running by waiting and wait until the instructions screen for the next task is up (e.g. screen 3 below). Then, simply close your browser window. When you log back in with your ID, you will be right back to the screen you left!

How do I start ?

  1. You login with your Participant ID (here, for instance, “myID” – make sure you remember it for the later sessions!)
  2. Confirm your ID
  3. Follow the instructions of the task or questions…


You followed the link to the study and you arrived here:

Please, pick a Participant ID (or Public ID) that you will have to remember for the full time of the study.

You have lost your Participant or Public ID, please contact the support .

You have lost the link to your session?

We’ll try to update the links below so you can catch up as we go…

Ongoing: SESSION 1 confinement

Next : SESSION 2

I did not receive any reminder email !

You may have forgotten to provide an email address early in the study or when a message prompted you to do so. It is not a big deal! Simply go back o the initial study link of your country, and login using your Participant or Public ID. The experiment should continue where you left it last….

You see this page and don’t understand what it really means: it is simply a verification procedure

The Public ID you provided does exist

If you correctly typed in your Public ID, you are good to go and can continue by clicking on the red button “Log in with this ID

If you incorrectly typed in your Public ID, please click on the red “Enter a different ID

You just can’t seem to login

you are probably in between sessions, please refer to your reminder email.

If you see this screen, it is possible that the next session is not yet available or that you are logging yourself to the wrong country link.

When I log on, nothing happens or there are no instructions

You may have previously left the site in the middle of a task last time you logged in. If that happens, the task is simply continuing when you left it. If you don’t remember what the instructions were, you can wait until the task ends (we will detect something went wrong and remove these data). You will be able to move on to the next tasks again.

This screen keeps appearing !

This is likely because you are not testing yourself using the full screen of your monitor and you minimized the window too much. Please, test yourself on the widest screen possible.

If the window of the experiment is not the window you are focusing onn the experiment will pause…. Yes! You must focus on the expeirmental tasks and questionnaires, or simply take a break and come back later!

You wish to stop

We are sorry to see you leave but this is your right. Please, inform us asap of your decision and provide your Participant or Public ID in the message

Problems with Audio:

You are trying to do a task with instructions to listen to a sound, but you do not hear anything? Activate the autoplay option in your browser, or try a different browser. 

You get an error message: “Media not found”? Refresh the page or try a different browser.