Time Social Distancing: Ethical Approvals

ARGENTINA: Comité de Etica de la Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, dictamen CE-UNQ No 2/2020 [Rodrigo Laje]

CANADA: Université Laval, 2020-114 / 14-04-2020 [Simon Grondin]

FRANCE: CER-Paris-Saclay-2020-020 [Virginie van Wassenhove]

GERMANY (including Switzerland, Austria): Local Ethics Committee of the Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health, IGPP_2020_01 [Marc Wittmann]

ITALY: approved by Ethical Committee for the Psychological Research of the University of Padova to run under CER-Paris-Saclay-2020-020 (French protocol) [Nicola Cellini]

INDIA: Institutional Ethics Committee, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, IITK/IEC/2019-20/18-Apr-20/I [Narayanan Srinivasan]

JAPAN: The Institutional Review Board of the University of Tokyo, 705 [Yuko Yotsumoto]

NETHERLANDS: Board of FPN Universiteit Maastricht, ERCPN-220_63_04_2020 [Sonja Kotz]

UK: approved by Nottingham Trent University social sciences school research ethics committee to run under CER-Paris-Saclay-2020-020 (French protocol) [Darren Rhodes]

USA:  UCLA Office of the Human Research Protection Program, IRB#20-000612 [Dean Buonomano]


TURKEY: Koç University, 2020.113.IRB3.053 [Fuat Balci]