Virginie van Wassenhove

received her PhD in Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences (NACS 2004) at the University of Maryland, College Park under the direction of Prof Poeppel and Prof Grant. During her graduate training, she focused on the perception (psychophysics) and cortical bases (MEEG, fMRI) of audiovisual speech as a specific case of multisensory integration and predictive coding.  In 2005, she worked with Prof Nagarajan (UCSF) on learning and plasticity in audition and in audiovisual perception with combined psychophysics and MEG.  From 2006 to 2008, she was implicated in various projects at UCLA (Prof ShamsProf Buonomano) and at Caltech (Prof Shimojo) which included implicit multisensory statistical learning, time perception, gesture communication, and interpersonal interactions. Late 2008, she joined the Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit directed by Prof Dehaene to build NeuroSpin MEG. In 2012, she became an INSERM group leader of the Brain Dynamics research team. In 2013, she obtained her HDR (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches; highest degree achievable in France). In 2019, she was granted a CEA International Director of Research (DR). Her research interests focus on temporal cognition and multisensory integration.